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How do I download Uvis and burn the update/installation CDROM?

Uvis supports following operation modes:
  1. Server and Workstation directly on a Linux machine.
  2. Server on a Linux machine and:
    1. Windows version as a client
    2. Linux version as a client
For all system you can find the latest version in the Download section.


The Windows version should be simply downloaded and burned to a CDROM. The update or installation is done via the "exe" file and includes all needed files. Attention the Windows version installation does not include a server update. We advice to always update both systems if running in a remote setup. (Server with a separated Workstation)


The server and all linux clients have to be upated via the Uvis image provided in the download section. Attention this is a special CDROM image file and has to be burned in a special burning mode if you are burning in Windows. All known CD burning programs support burning of image files. In general look in the File menu for opening a image file. After burning the CDROM there have to be two files on the CD: "install.sh" and "install.tar.gz".
You have to run the update within the server.

How can I translate the Uvis interface?

Uvis supports currently following languages: German, English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish. It is possible to extend Uvis with more languages. Please contact your local vendor for details.

The language could be switched via the menu, but this is disabled by default. The language can be always set via the Service menu: Station->Language (English, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian)