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This page informs about new releases and features of Uvis. Please see the Download section for current versions of Uvis.

2006-03-28   Uvis V3.04 20060328

Major enhancements:
  • Portuguese language added
  • minor bugfixes, better scanner handling, speed support

2006-01-17   Uvis V3.04 20060117

Maintenance release with minor improvements:
  • database time filter fixed
  • double direction scanning and locking
  • minor bugfixes

2005-05-13   Uvis V3.04 20050513

Maintenance release with minor improvements:
  • export size check reworked
  • export speed improved
  • plate display in database time view fixed

2005-04-26   Uvis V3.04

Major enhancements:
  • language editing in service menu
  • sorting by time in database view
  • timeout of LPR can be specified seperately in service menu "SERVER_TIMEOUT_LPR"

2005-04-23   Uvis V3.03

  • improved image loading
  • minor bugfixes

2005-04-06   Uvis V3.02

Bugfixes and enhancements:
  • improved barrier controls
  • logfile saving in service menu available
  • I/O process in service menu available

2004-12-20   Minor bug fixes

Minor bug fixes in the view, when importing from CD

2004-12-07   Database view fix, better language support, Version 3.01

New features:
  • A bug in the database with many processes could cause a crash to Uvis.
  • The language and keyboard support was improved. By selecting a new language in the menu, the keyboard switching is now supported as well.
  • Uvis now supports safety locks with two scanners involved. Please contact your vendor for further details.

2004-10-13    Fan support

Support for fan in new Uvis scanners. In the station control (traffic light control) there is a new button to turn on the fan in the scanner. This avoids fog due to humidity in the scanner.

2004-10-01    Filter

Filter settings fixed. The current filter settings have not been saved correctly.

2004-09-22    PIPS integration fixes

New features:

  • Fixes for second trigger setup for triggering rear plate detection with one trigger

2004-09-20    Uvis V3.0 Build 20040920

New features:

  • Print support
  • Offline viewer with data import capabilities, is turned off by default and has to be activated in the Service menu (Station->Viewer)
    With the offline viewer there it is possible to distribute custom sample images to interested customers. The Windows version of Uvis is bundled with some of these. Please contact us if your are interested in a special installer version with your own samples.
  • Better scanner integration. (abort of scanning and some minor changes)
    The scanner setup has been revised. All parameter can be found in the Service menu (Scanner).
  • New search filter in the Database browser. Entries can be searched with a specified time frame. (eg. between 9:00 and 10:00 o'clock)