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ITTH GmbH & Co. KG
Martinstr. 3
12167 Berlin

fon +49-30-69596940
fax +49-30-695969422
Service for TTraq is provided in following scopes:
  1. TTraq is Open Source, so you are free to copy, use or modify this piece of software as you like. However you have to respect all the licenses on which is TTraq based as well. We will work and develop TTraq further more, but can not provide any warranties or responsibilities if you want to use it for free.
  2. We provide service for integration, installation and even developing TTraq for your environment and needs. This is based upon a service contract. Please contact us for futher details.
  3. We offer sophisticated application service providing if you want to use this product, but you don't have the ability to host or run TTraq. Please contact us for futher details.