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Logging on is the first and the simplest action you can do. You need a valid login name and password pair which have to be entered in the appropriate fields. When you have entered the data, confirm the logon action by clicking on the 'submit' button.
Users usually receive the login information from their project manager or administrator.

Main view

The main view which can be seen immediately after logon contains at most 3 list boxes which allow you to chose various view options. If timestamps have been entered already you will see them below the list boxes.
Note that a basically empty page is presented if you are currently not assigned to any project. Contact your project manager if you believe that this is wrong.

The leftmost listbox contains all the project you have been currently assigned. To view the timestamps for another project just click in the list box and chose a different entry. The chosen project affects which project is given by default when adding new timestamps.
The second listbox contains all suitable timefilters according to the available timestamps. Timefilters describe a specific month and year. A selected timefilter basically reduces the number of shown timestamps by sorting out all of them which are not related to the date the timefilter describes.
The user listbox is only available for privileged users such as administrators or project managers and allows you to chose which user's timestamps will be shown. When another user than yourself is chosen that information can be seen in the top area of the page.


Timestamps describe a certain timespan of work of an user assigned to specific project. It consists of a project, a date, a start and end time and a description of what has been done by the user, When entering or modifying timestamps all that data can be specified. Please keep in mind that changing a timestamp is only allowed for 24h after its last modification. After that time a timestamp is considered fixed and only project managers and administrators are allowed to make modifications to such a timestamp.
While viewing the timestamp in the main view you can create new, modify existing ones or delete them.

Creating timestamps
The first action can be started by clicking on "Create new timestamp". This will lead to a form which allows you to enter date and time information as well as a description of what has been done in that time. When the form shows up you will notice that some data is already entered. That is because time and description data is taken from the newest timestamp. If there are no timestamps before the current date and time is pre-entered for you and the description is left empty. The new timestamp is initially assigned to the project that was viewed last but you are free to change that here. When you are finished making your own inputs the form allows you two ways of continuation. Clicking on "Save" will add the timestamp and you will return to the main view. If you continue by clicking on "Save and next..." the current timestamp is added and a new form appears to enter another timestamp. Note that the pre-entered data will be copied from the last timestamp that was added.
Deleting timestamps
As small icon with a red X on it acts as a link which allows the immediate deletion of a timestamp.

Project manager mode

Project managers have administrative privileges which are bound to certain projects. They can therefore view all users in projects were they act as a project manager.

Administrator mode

Administrators is a project manager for all projects and can access the administration page with following administration functions:
  • User
  • Project
  • Assignment
    The assignmnet associates a project to a user.
  • Type
  • Status

Weakened rules for timestamp management

- Privileged users can create, modify and delete timestamps for all users they administer
- Privileged users can modify and delete timestamps even if they have not beed modified for 24 hours
- Privileged users are not bound to the end time limitation