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TTraq is lost in configuration, how can I reset the TTraq settings?

TTraq stores its settings in the standard Java preferences location. This depends on the operationg system running on:

UNIX: The user home directory Tomcat is running on. There has to be a directory ".java/.userPrefs". System wide settings might be stored in "/etc/.java". The file name itself is "prefs.xml" in most cases.

WINDOWS: Java stores its settings in the registry with the key "JavaSoft\Prefs". Depending in your system setup and Tomcat installation these keys can be found in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE", "HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\SOFTWARE" or a user specific location.

In either of these locations there can be found the preferences in the path "com.itth.ttraq" and its subleafs depending your setup in your container.  One of the most important is "init". Set this to "false" and TTraq should prompt you for a new setup in the next request. (It might be necessary to restart Tomcat first)

How can I update TTraq?

You can simply deploy a new version of the war archive released with a new version. Your settings and database will be kept in a different place than the application itself (unless you specified a database location within your deployment directories, which is very uncommon). Undeploy your old version first and then deploy the new one.
The database should be always compatible to the old releases unless we announce major structural changes. We will give some hints how to solve this then. So please read the release changes first.